At a meeting held on Tuesday evening (29th January) Hereford City Council resolved to keep the parish council precept (the portion of Council Tax paid to cover the services of the City Council) at the same level as last year.

By making savings on some administrative and back room costs the Council has put more money into community grants and spending on the City’s street scene. At the same meeting the Council resolved to support a new initiative by the Close House youth centre to help with diverting young people who are out of school away from crime and anti-social behaviour and into more useful and productive activities including sports, drama, music and outdoor pursuits. The cost of this will be found from within existing budgets and will not lead to an increase in City Council tax.

The Council has also decided, following the successful installation of an ability swing for people with significant physical disabilities in King George’s Park to install a second similar swing in Aylestone Park. This too will be funded from within existing budgets.

The Council thanked its officers and the Chair of the Finance Committee for carrying out a line by line review of the budget to see where savings could be made to enable more money to be used where it is most needed without charging the City’s residents more for the City Council’s services.

Steve Kerry

Town Clerk