The long neglected Blackfriars Rose Gardens has seen 18 beds replanted with 280 new roses, thanks to the dedication of volunteers from Friends of the Rose Garden and grant funding from the City Council.
The grounds of the ruins of the Blackfriars Monastery, were dedicated to religious use in 1376, but now the gardens are one of the most historic public open space in the city.
Friends of the Rose Gardens were joined by the Mayor of Hereford, Councillor Kath Hey, once the project was complete.
She said: “Through the group’s hard work and successful securing of grant funding, there is now a strong and committed band of volunteers planting and caring for the beds.
“The City Council Grants Committee are thrilled that our funding has been so beneficial to the restoration of such a wonderful historic site in the heart of the city.”
Ann Harbour, leader of the project, said: “It is wonderful to see the Blackfriars Rose Gardens once again in full bloom and free of weeds thanks to the generous donors, volunteer gardeners, and community service workers.”
The remaining eight beds will be replanted in autumn together with further on-going improvements and regular maintenance.
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