Reflecting the idea of “the fourth plinth” in Trafalgar Square, the sculptures on the plinths at Hereford Skatepark change annually – one plinth displays work of local artists and the other, funded by Hereford City Council, displays work from students of the Hereford College of Arts.

On Friday 28th June, a new sculpture by HCA student Annie Higgins, was unveiled, titled “Movement”.  It is based on Annie’s studies of the human figure and is an exploration into how space and movement can be expressed through sculpture.  The use of negative space is very important in the composition and the sculpture sees the components of the piece as tools that are used to shape this internal space.

Brian Stephens from the Skatepark said “Congratulations to Annie for producing such a great piece of work.  All those involved have succeeded in giving skatepark users and the people of Hereford a taste of what art can offer!”

Annie Higgins is from Penarth in Wales and came to study her Foundation Diploma in Hereford to make work in a different landscape to the coastal area where she grew up and to access the workshops available at the college.  She wanted to experiment with

Anne Higgins

working in 3-Dimensional mediums as her previous work has been almost entirely paint and illustration based.  She is interested in site specific sculpture and designing to the strengths of a material and next year is staying in Hereford to join the college’s Artist Blacksmithing course.

The plinths at the Skatepark feature in Hereford City Council’s Sculpture Trail, which is currently available in leaflet form from the Town Hall but is going mobile when the new Love Exploring app is launched for the Summer holidays!  The app will have exciting trails, treasure hunts and games for all the family to enjoy in and around the City – stay tuned for more information coming soon!