It was an honour and a privilege to be the 637th Mayor of the City of Hereford for the municipal year 2018/2019. It was made even more special to me as my late sister Julie Woodward was the Mayor in 2011/12, so I can say my mother is very proud to have 2 daughters that served the city as Mayors.

During my year as Mayor, my husband and I attended over 300 different events, and I can say that all were memorable and I met some truly wonderful people. We were both amazed at how many volunteers in our City help to run different organisations like St Michaels Hospice, Scouts and Guides, St Johns ambulance, Open Door, Women’s Institute, Guild of Guides and many more.

It was an honour to have been asked to sign the documents for the new University, along with Councillor Wilcox at the Cathedral, and this is going to be very good for the future of our city.

One of the biggest events in my year was the opening of the 3 choirs, which brings so many tourists into the city and is a great benefit to the local trade. If you have never been then please try and go in 2021; you will not be disappointed.

Lastly, I would like to wish Councillor Kath Hey all the best for her Mayoral year 2019/2020

Kind Regards to everyone

Councillor Sue Boulter.