Hereford City Council Annual Report

The City Council has achieved the development of a tourist information centre within the Butter Market and is working in partnership with a group called Rural Concierge to deliver the TIC with the support from Hereford City Council. The TIC has been running for six months now and is going from strength to strength. Visitor numbers, where people are visiting from, other information/requirements those visitors would like to see in the future and more is all being collated to ensure…

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New Pedestrian Signage for Hereford City Centre

New Pedestrian Signage for Hereford City Centre Hereford BID is pleased to announce a significant milestone in one of its major business plan projects, the installation of a new pedestrian wayfinding system.  This will be made up of 25 new fingerposts and 10 map boards.  The two prototype signs will be installed in Broad Street around 23rd November with the aim of giving BID businesses, key stakeholders and the general public the opportunity to provide constructive feedback on the information on…

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