Funding awards


Borderlines Film Festival CIC

Project: Borderlines Film Festival

Borderlines Film Festival will take place again in 2019. The films will be shown in up to 30 venues from arts centres to village halls with the main venue being The Courtyard. They will also be working with other venues in the City, with the Royal National College for the Blind. Local productions will be showcased and film education opportunities will be provided along with volunteering and internships for young people. The film festival will also be collaborating with Hereford Sixth Form College and Hereford College of Arts to offer a number of opportunities to their film studies students.


Herefordshire Vennture

Project: Street Pastors & Lean on Me Project

Street Pastors train adult volunteers who patrol City Centre between the hours of 10pm and 4am, caring for those who are inebriated or impaired, injured, vulnerable or behaving in a reckless manner. Lean on Me (LOM) is a scheme running on Saturday nights where a safe place and recovery facility in Union Street is open, manned by trained 6th Form Students and Adults, where SPs can bring individuals in need of more help.



Hereford Courtyard

Project: Family Festival 2018

Following on from the success of the last three years’ festivals which saw over a thousand people come to The Courtyard to take part in creative, fun family activities, 2018’s event will take place on Wednesday 31 October & it will be Circus themed as voted for by the public. A day of performances, creative workshops and high flying activities suitable for everyone to take part in.

AWARDED: £3,000


Feral Productions

Project: Riversong – Back to the Source

Riversong – Back to the Source is an inspiration and engaging creative heritage project for children, their families and the general public of Hereford that will focus on the evolution of an historically neglected industrial riverside site.

AWARDED: £1,500


Halo Leisure

Project: Furlong Fury Obstacle Challenge and Small Fry Challenge for Kids

Hereford City’s charity outdoor Obstacle Course Race (OCR) event and for the first time The Small Fry Furlong Fury is a 1km course designed for 4-11 year olds. Junior friendly obstacles allow the kids to swing, jump, run, get muddy, help each other, and have a good time while conquering a fun-filled course. Both races are in support of the Halo Sport Foundation which offers grants and free training opportunities to local talented sports people.

AWARDED: £2,500


Herefordshire RAF100 Committee

Project: Centenary of the Royal Air Force

The Herefordshire RAF100 Commitee aims to ensure that the 100th Anniversary of the formation of the Royal Air Force in April 1918 is marked in Hereford and the wider county in the most appropriate manner. Nationally there is a series of events to ensure that the centenary is marked in memorable ways. The theme for these events, linked under the heading of RAF100, is to “Commemorate, Celebrate, Inspire.”

AWARDED: £,1434


Hereford Youth Canoe Club

Project: Stand Up Paddle Board Training

Hereford Youth Canoe Club is a voluntary organisation that provides outdoor education to youth groups in Hereford, providing canoe facilities and trained staff. All staff donate their time and do not receive payment. They intend to introduce stand up paddle boarding courses in addition to the kayak courses they already run.

AWARDED: £1,624.21


Hereford River Carnival

Project: Hereford River Carnival 2017-2019

The River Carnival has fast become a staple annual event in Hereford, with all eyes on the River Wye as the city comes alive with music, dance, performance, a carnival of sport, the best of Hereford’s indie food scene and a boatload of watery festivities. Following the success of previous River Carnivals, the next years will expand on the already fantastic event. A huge number of activies and fun are planned for the River Carnival, with there truly being something for everyone.

AWARDED: £15,000 (£5,000 per year for three years)


Hereford Make C.I.C

Project: Digital Support

Hereford Make provides the local community with affordable equipped workshops and facilities to support individuals in creative industries and engineering, with a focus on craft and blacksmithing. This funding will be used to provide digital software for the community group, enabling the personal and professional development of members through better edited photos, digital drawings, film editing, CAD files, publishing software and design models.

AWARDED: £3,000


 Hereford Cathedral Perpetual Trust

Project: Weeping Window: Hereford Cathedral

Weeping Window is a cascade of thousands of handmade ceramic poppies which appear to pour from a high window to the ground below, and tours the UK to historic venues. Hereford Cathedral is to host the Weeping Window in spring 2018. The Perpetual Trust will support this event through numerous facilities.

AWARDED: £10,000


Hinton Community Association Ltd

Project: IT Teaching Equipment

This funding will be used to purchase and install quality audio/visual multimedia equipment for Hinton Community Association’s cafe, training room and main hall for the Centre. This will enable groups to show educational material to their members, enriching the quality of sessions held, and aiding the general teaching process.

AWARDED: £3,000


Borderlines Film Festival CIC

Project: Borderlines Film Festival 2018

Borderlines Film Festival will take place again in 2018. The films will be shown in up to 30 venues from arts centres to village halls with the main venue being The Courtyard. This year there will be a special focus on female Directors from World Cinema. Local productions will be showcased and film education opportunities will be provided along with volunteering and internships for young people. The film festival will also be collaborating with Hereford Sixth Form College and Hereford College of Arts to offer a number of opportunities to their film studies students.

AWARDED: £3,000


Hereford Tourism Group

Project: Hereford City Tourism Leaflet & Map

This funding will be used in the creation of a combined leaflet and map which will enable day and short stay visitors to the City to find their way around easily, with details of attractions, where to eat and drink, and other amenities and facilities, enhancing their experience of Hereford. The leaflet will also enable residents to have better awareness of cultural heritage, encourage exploration of the City, increase visitor spending in Hereford’s businesses and encourage tourism to the City in general.

AWARDED: £1,750


Hereford Society of Model Engineers

Project: Club House Refurbishment for Hereford Model Engineers

Hereford Society of Model Engineers provides a club and facilities for all forms of model engineering in Hereford, designed for all ages 12 and above. They provide a workshop, railway track for miniature locomotives, boating pond, engineering equipment and more to their members, while also putting on open days for the public.

AWARDED: £3,000


Aylestone Park Association

Project: Extension to community Pathway

This funding will be used to link two stoned pathways for a distance of 300m, allowing visitors to Aylestone Park to walk circular routes in the park and view the natural wildlife and scenery in the surrounding vicinity.

AWARDED: £3,000



Deaf Direct

Project: Don’t miss out D/deaf people!

Deaf Direct is a local, deaf-led charity in Hereford which provides support to people living with hearing loss. They help over 800 people each year to manage their hearing loss and maintain independence. This funding will be used to cover the core costs of running their Hereford Centre in 2017-2018.

AWARDED: £3,000


Herefordshire Cultural Partnership

Project: Promotion of Hereford’s Bid for City of Culture 2021

This funding will be used for the promotion of the bid for Hereford to become City of Culture in 2021. The campaign will raise awareness of the bid and increase support for the bid.

AWARDED: £3,000


Herefordshire Museums Service Support Group (HMSSG)

Project: Brain Hatton: Celebrating the Life and Work of a Herefordshire Artist

This funding supported the cleaning and reframing of a group of Brian Hatton paintings not seen by the public before, as he was an important pre-WWI artist whose paintings still hold relevance. The funding also provided the means for an exhibition of the work, coinciding with the reopening of the Hereford Library, where the public will be able to see the paintings for the first time.

AWARDED: £2,218


Hereford Sub-Aqua Club

Project: Scuba Diving Opportunities for Young People

The funding provided for this project supported the chance for 4 young people (aged 12 or older) to join BSAC Ocean Diver scuba training programme, run by Hereford Sub-Aqua Club. This included everything they needed to gain their qualifications, as well as provide the chance for 50 young people to have an introductory test-dive in a local pool.

AWARDED: £3,000


National Star Foundation

Project: Hereford Outdoor Area Appeal

The National Star Foundation supports young people with complex disabilities, giving them a place to learn and let off steam. This project was directed at improving the area outside of their premises, to allow a better space for those who attend. This allowed them to to provide outside access during all seasons/weather and provide a larger area for recreational activities.

AWARDED: £2,704


Borderlines Film Festival

Project: Borderlines Film Festival 2017

Borderlines Film Festival will take place from Friday 24th February 2017 to Sunday 12th March 2017. The films will be shown in up to 30 venues from arts centres to village halls with the main venue being The Courtyard where 7 films will be shown per day over the 17 day period. This year there will be a special focus on female Directors from World Cinema. Local productions will be showcased and film education opportunities will be provided along with volunteering and internships for young people. The film festival will also be collaborating with Hereford Sixth Form College and Hereford College of Arts to offer a number of opportunities to their film studies students.

AWARDED – £3,000


Herefordshire Tree Warden Network (HTWN)

 Project: Mapping the City’s Tree Stock

 This project is to fund the setting up of a dedicated Geographic Information System to create an online digital map of the trees in the city. In particular, the project will be looking out for signs of tree disease. A publicly accessible web portal showing the on-going survey results will also be set up.

AWARDED: £2,820


Tupsley Whitehouse Project Board

Project: The Whitehouse Community Hub

St. Paul’s Tupsley Parochial Church Council authorised the creation of a charitable company, ‘Tupsley Whitehouse Project’ to enable and supervise the refurbishment of The Whitehouse, a former public house in Tupsley, Hereford. A subsequent grant was given to The Whitehouse Community Hub to occupy, run services and provide facilities for the benefit of residents of Tupsley and surrounding areas.

In 2013, Hereford City Council awarded the Tupsley Whitehouse Project Board a grant of £30,000 to be given over a 3 year period to develop the Community Hub which was identified in the Community Led Plan.

AWARDED: £5,000 of £30,000 for revenue costs in 2016/17


Herefordshire Branch of the National Autistic Society

Project: Children & Youth Activity Groups

This funding will be used to purchase sensory equipment including toys and providing a lending service at the Children & Youth Activity Groups.

AWARDED: £3,000


Central Tupsley Community Group

Project: Picnic in the Park & Bonfire Event

CTCG run three quality events each year to involve the community to raise funds to enhance the quality of life of all residents in Central Tupsley. This funding will be used to support two of their events; Picnic in the Park in the Summer and Bonfire Night in Autumn.

AWARDED: £3,000


Hinton Community Association Ltd

Project: Disability Access Decking Area

This funding will be used to install a raised non slip decked area to the rear of Hinton Community Centre with a ramp to enable wheelchair users access to the field/garden area.

AWARDED: £3,000


Herefordshire Carers Support

Project: Carers Christmas Party

This funding will be used to organise a Christmas social event in order to recognise and reward adult carers living across Herefordshire for the huge contribution that they make to our society.

AWARDED: £1,300


Widemarsh Ventures

Project: Racking

Widemarsh Ventures are a small local charity supporting adults with learning disabilities to access the world of work and work related experiences. This funding will be used to purchase extra racking at their new bigger unit to store recycled timbers in a safe and organised way.

AWARDED: £3,000


Henffordd Gardens Tenants Association

Project: Rear Grounds of the Flats

 This community floral project is for three raised flower beds mainly for tenants in wheelchairs and those who find it difficult to bend.



Courtyard Centre for the Arts, Hereford

Project: Herefordshire Family Festival 2016-18

This funding will be used to build on the massive success of last year’s festival and create an even better arts festival experience for local children, parents, grandparents, carers and wider families.

AWARDED: £3,000 per year for the 2016, 2017 & 2018 festivals


Fugue Visions

Project: Brian Hatton Centenary Project

As part of the Brian Hatton Centenary Project, the gallery animation will be taken out to schools, colleges and community events in Herefordshire. The funding will be used for production of the education package, a copy of DVD and an information booklet

AWARDED: £1,500


The Core Skate Hereford CIC

Project: Community Kitchen Improvement

This funding will be used for equipment and services to improve the kitchen so The Core are able to provide home prepared food. The future plans for the kitchen include; employment opportunities, teaching programs, baking workshops, party food and pop up restaurants.

AWARDED: £3,000


Hereford Community Land Trust

Project: Community Group Start-Up Grant

The aim of Hereford Community Land Trust (Hereford CLT) is to build and support the building of homes which are affordable to rent or purchase by local people that; are ‘green’ and economical to run, reflect and build upon local vernacular architecture; are owned and managed by the members of the CLT; support and help develop the economic base of the city and have an asset lock so must be used in perpetuity to benefit the community.




Herefordshire Wildlife Trust

Project: Communities in Bloom

The areas to be developed in this community floral project are Villa Street Gardens and the Nature Reserve at Golden Post.

AWARDED – £200


Hereford Amateur Pantomime Society

Project: Dick Whittington

The aim of this project is to bring together people from all backgrounds and ages from across the county to perform an amateur pantomime once a year whilst supporting local good causes.

AWARDED – £2,000


Services for Independent Living

Project: Hereford Shop Mobility

To continue the management of Hereford City Shopmobility which provides mobility scooters and electric and manual wheelchairs for use within Hereford City.

AWARDED: £3,000


Hereford Waterworks Museum

Project: Massington Lineshaft Project

The Waterworks Museum intend to display the Lineshift in a historically authentic manner being driven by a single cylinder diesel engine and driving triple water pumps, just as it was at Massington. Visitors will actually see the water being pumped.

AWARDED – £3,000


Hope Support Services

Project: Hereford Residential 2016

This project will be an outdoor adventure for Hope’s young people at Tipi Adventure, Hereford in Summer 2016 where they will spend 3 days camping in tipi’s and learning new skills. This break away will provide the young people with the necessary respite they need from dealing with a family member’s illness.

AWARDED – £950


Fugue Visions

Project: Brian Hatton 100th Anniversary

 Fugue Visions intend to stage a Brian Hatton High Town Event to mark the 100th anniversary of his untimely death in Egypt before the close of WW1. They aim to raise the profile of his work and to highlight other Hatton 100th anniversary celebratory events taking place throughout Hereford during 2016.

AWARDED – £649.28


Close House

Project: Outdoor Recreation Area

This project is to fit a door to the rear of Close House to provide a smoking area and an outdoor recreation courtyard enabling the young people to engage in cooking BBQ’s, graffiti and gardening projects.

AWARDED – £3,540


South Wye Community Association

Project: Belmont Library Licence Fee

The objective of this project is to save the Belmont Library by obtaining sufficient funding to keep it open for the year April 2016 until March 2017. If the Belmont Library can be financed for another year then this will allow the SWCA/HDC the time to provide the Belmont Library with a more sustainable future.

AWARDED – £3,000


Hereford Yoga Institute

Project: Installation of Disabled Toilets in their new unit

Hereford Yoga CIC provides Iyengar yoga classes for communities in and around Hereford city for the general public and for specific groups or communities. This project aims to offer the classes to hard-to-reach or disadvantaged individuals who would not be able to access the regular public classes by improving access on the ground floor and installing an accessible WC.

Awarded – £3,000


10th Hereford (Whitecross) Scout Group

Project: 10th Hereford Scout Hut Extension

This project is to build an extension onto the existing Westfaling Street Scout Hut which will give much needed storage space so that the Hall can develop to offer high quality facilities to an increased number of local groups from the community.

AWARDED – £3,000


Hereford River Carnival Ltd

Project: Hereford River Carnival 2016

The aim of this project is to build on the success of the 2015 event and to develop the opportunities to local residents in the run up to the event. This application is specifically to provide essential infrastructure on the day so the event can take place safely and is accessible to all.

AWARDED – £3,250


Three Elms Community Association

Project: Community Start up Grant

The aim of this group is to encourage and support community participation in activities that serve to enhance the local area.

AWARDED – £250


Bobblestock and Westfields Community Association

Project: Community Football Team Project

 The aim of this project is to develop a youth football academy based on Grandstand Park, Hereford for boys and girls aged 8 to 16 years. The funding will be used to establish a pitch for both children and adults.

AWARDED – £2,628


Hereford in Bloom

Project: Veteran Poppy Man

To create a metal structure of a man sitting on a bench bedecked in poppies to raise awareness and funds through sponsorship of the poppies with all monies going to the Herefordshire British Legion.

AWARDED – £841.60


Herefordshire Disability United

Project: Disability Road Show July 2015

To promote the interests, welfare and social inclusion of disabled people living in Herefordshire by bringing together the wide range of services, support organisations and health and social care professionals who are concerned with people with learning disabilities and the older generation, in order to inform service users, carers and each other what is available in these increasingly austere and challenging times.

AWARDED – £275


Catcher Media Social

Project: Derek Evans: Herefordshire Life through a Lens

 This project will celebrate Herefordshire traditions in a series of oral history films, with photographic and educational, heritage-rich interpretations. In addition, working with Herefordshire Library Service, and groups of trainees and volunteers, the image will be digitised in themed collections on the Herefordshire Histories website for public access.

AWARDED – £1,400


Hereford Police Male Choir

Project: Commemoration of the Magna Carta

The aim of this project is to promote a number of concerts and events within Hereford, to organise small concerts for older persons homes and to support a small proportion of the concert costs to enable the choir to perform for local groups with lower incomes.

AWARDED – £500


Aylestone Business and Enterprise College

Project: Herefordshire Secondary Schools Student Leadership Conference

This is an event aimed at Year 9 students from all 14 secondary schools in Herefordshire to provide an insight into leadership for students and networking for teachers. The funding will be used to launch this.

AWARDED – £500


Herefordshire Live

Project: Sounds of the Shire

 The aim of this project is to provide an 8-day fringe festival whilst the Three Choirs Festival is in town celebrating their 300th anniversary consisting of live music events running on each day at various city centre venues, opening and closing with two main Saturday night events.

AWARDED – £2,000


Putson Community Association

Project: Community Equipment

 The aim of this project is to improve catering facilities at Saxon Hall Community Centre to further develop the activities which take place there.

AWARDED: £1,076


Battle of Britain 75th Anniversary Committee

Project: Battle of Britain 75th Anniversary Commemoration

The aim of this project is to ensure that the 75th Anniversary of The Battle of Britain 2015 is marked in Hereford and the wider county and is a memorable event.

AWARDED: £1,535