Hereford City Council is the parish authority for the City of Hereford. To ensure the needs of the City are met, the Council has set up a Small Grants Fund to assist Community Projects within the City, for projects which assist and benefit the Community in a variety of ways. Small grants are offered to Charities, Organisations, Community Groups and Associations for projects within the City parish boundaries however they are not available to individuals. The maximum application to be considered is £3,000. To apply for the grant applicants must show they have made grant applications to other organisations and show how the funding would benefit the community. The main aims and objectives of the organisation need to be set out along with the specific project/service outputs that the funding will be used for. An explanation of why the applicant believes the project or service is needed and where in Hereford it will take place is essential. You must also show which of the City Council’s activity blocks the application falls under. This information can be found on the Small Grant application form.

The sort of projects that the Hereford City Council has supported includes music festivals, community buildings, community events and community garden projects. All grant application forms must be submitted on the correct form for that financial year or they will be void and returned to the applicant. Grant applications must be submitted a minimum of three weeks prior to the next grants meeting. Failure to do this will result in the application not being considered until the subsequent meeting.

All applicants are required to have a representative at the meeting of the committee at which their application is being considered. You will be notified the week before the meeting as to your allotted presentation time which will be somewhere between the hours of 10am and 2pm dependent on the number of submitted applications. Due to the age, architecture and listing of the Town Hall the committee room is inaccessible for wheelchair users so please ensure you notify the Community Development Officer of any mobility needs when submitting this application so arrangements can be made to use an alternative meeting room.

Applications are considered three times a year by the Community Development Committee at one of its meetings considering Community Grant Funding. These meetings normally fall on the first Monday in March, June and November during the hours of 10am and 2pm. Dates can be found on the City Council website.

Occasionally, where applications are time sensitive, the Chairman of the committee may use his/her discretionary powers to consider submitted applications at one of the committee’s routine meetings. Presentations to these meetings will be received at 6pm. (Please enclose a letter with your application including the reason why your application should be considered at a routine meeting of the committee.)

Occasionally the committee may consider awaiting a larger grant for delivery of a project in line with one of the objectives within the Hereford City Community Led Plan or where there is significant collated date and evidence from community consultation showing that this service or project is needed. Evidence of public consultation with residents from within the City of Hereford and the relevant collated data to support the project/service delivery must be included to support an application for a project or service which is not included as an objective within the Hereford City Community Led Plan.

In the event of a successful application and the grant being awarded, Hereford City Council will require evidence that the grant has been used in accordance with the purposes set out in the application and that it has been used for the benefit of local residents. No grants are given retrospectively.

The ‘Hereford City Communities in Bloom’ grant application form is for grants of up to £250 towards community floral projects to enable groups to purchase basic start up equipment or plants for their floral projects scheme. The scheme is open to community groups, schools, care/residential homes or other constituted not for profit groups who wish to plant a floral display on a community open space within the City.