Hereford City Community Led Plan Survey 2015

Your views in response to the 2010 Hereford City Community Led Plan Survey proved invaluable in guiding Hereford City Parish Council and other service providers such as the local Unitary Authority Herefordshire Council on what is important to the residents of the City of Hereford. (The Unitary Authority delivers services such as Highways, Street Lighting, Refuse Collection and Grass Cutting)

May 2015 saw the 7 ward areas for the City of Hereford split in to 16 new wards. Also, during May the elections were held resulting in a new administration forming your Parish Council. With these changes in place; and five years since the last survey and large scale survey and consultation events took place; it is felt that this is the ideal opportunity to refresh the Hereford City Community Led Plan enabling the residents living within the City of Hereford to ensure their Parish Councillors know exactly what is important to you.