Hereford City Council, Tourist Information Centre and Hey, Honey! have all teamed up to highlight World Bee Day on 20th May 2020. Download a printable mask and read on for details of how to enter this bee-themed competition, and to help your children understand the importance of bees.

Globally, species of bees are currently facing a 35% extinction.

If this trend continues, nutritious crops such as fruits, nuts and many vegetable crops will face being wiped out.

Intensive farming practices, land-use change, mono-cropping, pesticides and higher temperatures associated with climate change all pose problems for bee populations and, by extension, the quality of food we grow.

How can you help?

  • planting a diverse set of native plants, which flower at different times of the year;
  • buying unadulterated local honey;
  • buying products from sustainable agricultural practices;
  • avoiding pesticides, fungicides or herbicides in your gardens;
  • protecting wild bee colonies when possible;
  • sponsoring a hive;
  • making a bee water fountain by leaving a water bowl with pebbles for them to climb on outside;
  • helping sustaining forest & woodland ecosystems;
  • raising awareness around us by sharing this information within our communities and networks; The decline of bees directly affects us all!

Click the Bee Mask below to view/print it!