Clean Air Day 2021

Clean Air Day is celebrated in the UK on 17th June 2021, with the aim of increasing awareness around the effects of pollution and how clean air can benefit us all.

Here at the City Council, we’re passionate about green issues in our City. To this end, we recently launched a new Committee – the Climate and Bio-Diversity Committee! Here’s the chair of the Committee, Diana Toynbee, on Clean Air Day;

“Happy Clean Air Day! This year’s theme is Protecting our Children’s Health – what could be more important than that?

“Thank you for all the support for Hereford City Council’s new Climate and Biodiversity Committee. Cleaner Air for our city is one of our priorities, so it’s great that we now have funding (thanks to the Stronger Towns Fund) for electric buses. Fewer fumes, less congestion, no parking problems and more mobility for people without cars.

We must make walking to work and school nicer and easier! I encourage everyone to speak out about their ideas for better air quality in the City.” 

Every year, air pollution causes up to 36,000 deaths in the UK.  The World Health Organisation and the UK Government recognise that air pollution is the largest environmental health risk we face today. Poor air quality causes heart and lung diseases, is linked to low birth weight and children’s lung development and may even contribute to mental health issues.

Let’s continue to make our City better for everyone, reduce our CO2 emissions and keep the air clean for everyone to enjoy! For more info on Clean Air Day, visit HERE.

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