Climate & Biodiversity Committee visit Hereford’s Community Gardens

Mayor of Hereford Paul Stevens and the Climate & Biodiversity Committee visited some of the beautiful community gardens of Hereford to see what the volunteers tending to these areas are up to in these vital assets to our City.

Instead of talking from a computer screen or across a table, committee members spent a warm sunny evening admiring three Community Gardens in South Hereford. An amazing amount of work goes on in a small space at Hinton Community Centre, from counting badgers to growing vegetables, and from flower arranging to woodwork. Their dedication to maintaining a green space is an admirable contribution to the welfare of residents.

At Hunderton Community Garden, they were greeted by a surprise welcoming committee of youngsters keen to meet the Mayor. The Committee heard about the games, artwork, barbecues, food growing, and the pleasure of a colourful communal green space at the heart of the community. The garden is clearly a well-loved place, and it was great to meet many of the volunteers, two of whom are City Councillors.

Saxon Hall Community Gardens represents another hidden gem of colour and variety. The sensory garden blends textures, scents, vibrant colour, interesting shapes and the buzzing of insects. There is also a memorial to veterans, a children’s play area, and impressive allotment spaces. You too can let them know if you want one for your own pleasure!

Every tree in our city gives us oxygen, every shrub is a habitat, every hedge protects us from pollution and noise and air pollution, every flower brings us pleasure, every bean and tomato is a healthy snack; every green space where we can enjoy nature and community increases our quality of life in Hereford. The Climate & Biodiversity Committee is committed to seeing these spaces reach their fullest potential, and work to keep our City a safer, greener place for everyone.

Chair of the Committee, Diana Toynbee, said; “This was a committee meeting unlike any other! I was really inspired to see these beautiful green community spaces in our city, where people can enjoy the colours and the scents, play and picnic, grow food, enjoy birds and butterflies, meet neighbours and build their community. It was great to have the Mayor of Hereford with us”.

Mayor of Hereford Paul Stevens said; “I’d like to say a massive thankyou to the volunteers who gave us these tours and such a warm welcome. Their dedicated efforts in tending to these invaluable assets helps make our City a place for community to thrive, and we look forward to seeing their continued work bare fruitful results.”

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