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General Criteria for Community Grant Funding

Hereford City Council has a limited budget to make discretionary community grants, from £50 up to a maximum of £3,000, to local community organisations, charities, clubs, societies and groups based in the Parish of Hereford City in any one financial year.

Mayor Kath Hay with the junior mayor

All applications must be received a minimum of three weeks prior to a Community Development Committee Meeting considering grant funding. Failure to do this will result in the application being taken to the subsequent Community Development Committee Grant Awards meeting.

All applicants are required to have a representative at the meeting of the committee at which their application is being considered. You will be notified the week before the meeting as to your allotted presentation time. Due to the age, architecture and listing of the Town Hall the committee room is inaccessible for wheelchair users so please ensure you notify the Community Development Officer of any mobility needs when submitting this application so arrangements can be made to use and alternative meeting room.

Herefordshire Grant Funding

Occasionally the committee may consider awarding a larger grant for delivery of a project in line with one of the objectives within the Hereford City Community Led Plan or where there is significant collated data and evidence from community consultation showing that this service or project is needed. Evidence of public consultation with residents from within the City of Hereford and the relevant collated data to support the project / service delivery must be included to support an application for a project or service which is not included as an objective within the Hereford City Community Led Plan.

Activities subject to an application for a grant must be for the benefit of the residents within the Parish of Hereford City.

Applications are considered at the routine meetings of the Community Development Committee which are held on a Tuesday evening once every six weeks.

The committee will receive up to a maximum of three grant applications at any one committee. Should more than three applications be received for any one meeting applications will be considered on a first come first served basis with additional applications being rolled over to the next meeting of the committee.

Presentations to these meetings will be received at 6pm in the Town Hall, Hereford, HR1 2PJ Dates of these meetings can be found on the Hereford City Council website

  1. Must be properly constituted and non-profit making.
  2. Must be properly managed, hold regular meetings and have audited accounts.
  3. Must comply with disability discrimination legislation, equal opportunities and race equality and must be open to all sections of the community (accepting that some projects or services may be focussed on certain sections of the community e.g. young people, people with disabilities).
  4. Must submit up to date accounts, balance sheet, a breakdown of charges and costs for the project or service and details of membership fees (if applicable) or in the case of a new organisation, evidence of a business plan.
  5. Must show evidence and results of their own fundraising efforts and/or other sources of funding have applied to and the outcome to date.
  6. Must show local community involvement and support.

1. To individuals

2. For projects / services covered by other statutory bodies

3. For political or religious activities

4. For travel / volunteer expenses

5. For salaries / fees / payments of any kind to an individual

6. For equipment for personal use of any one individual in an organisation, Charity or group

7. In retrospect

Organisations, charities or groups will only be awarded up to a maximum of £3,000 in any one financial year. i.e. you may apply for a grant on more than one occasion in any financial year, but the total sum of all applications submitted from one organisation, charity or group should not exceed £3,000.

Any spend or event taking place prior to approval of the application will be disregarded.

All grant recipients must publicise the support of Hereford City Council in any or all of the following ways: publicity material, press, social media, website and/or any other suitable form such as a plaque or board.

Applicants must NOT use of the grant award for anything except for the purpose for which it was approved. Should an organisation wish to amend what they wish to spend the grant award on they must apply in writing to Hereford City Council and wait for approval.

All grant recipients will be required to complete a GRANT COMPLETION FORM within six months of spending their grant award. Failure to submit a grant completion form for a grant award will invalidate any future grant applications.

Hereford City Council will consider every grant and award funding on merit. Should you be unsuccessful in securing grant funding at one time it will not be detrimental to any future grant application.

Each grant application should demonstrate how it will either complement the Activity Blocks (see right) set out by Hereford City Council.

Should you have any enquiries about the Community Grant Funding Scheme or require any assistance with completing your application, please contact the Deputy Town Clerk, Tracy Morriss, on 01432 260456 or by email


Improving the look & feel of the City – investing in local neighbourhoods as well as the City Centre.


Improving the Cultural life of the city & the connection that people have with their Heritage.


Improving the capacity of local communities to do things for themselves – supporting local groups & investing in community facilities.


Improving the sustainability of the City – including encouraging activities that will reduce the carbon footprint of the City.

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