Councillor Vacancies: Newton Farm Ward and Bobblestock Ward

We have now received notification from Electoral Services that ten signatures of residents on the electoral roll from each ward have been received to ask for an election in Newton Farm and Bobblestock for the vacant seats following the death of Cllr Bernard Hunt and the resignation of Clive Butler.  As an election has been requested in the proper form, there is now no opportunity for the city council to co-opt a member for either seat.

Under the Covid regulations the election is postponed until May 2021. The Cabinet Office have recently made a statement that this postponement will not be extended, so that is a firm date as things stand at present. Until then the seats remain vacant. This does not affect the constitutional position of the council nor the exercise of the general power of competence.

For everything you need to know about becoming a Councillor for your City, who we are as a Parish Council, and what the position entails, you can view our page here. Just click ‘Why become a Parish Councillor?’ for details on what the role involves.

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