Funding Awards for July 2021

£3,000 Awarded to the CLD Trust

Hereford City Council awarded a grant of £3,000 for the CLD Trust, which will go towards supporting Hereford’s young people.

The CLD Trust is a registered charitable trust which provides counselling services, mental health support, services for schools & colleges, training, and much more. They have been offering counselling services to schools and colleges in Herefordshire since 1994.

Providing these vital services to the residents of Hereford helps many overcome the difficulties they face in life, and gives people someone to talk to about issues which can often be challenging to work through. Their counselling staff are all professionally trained and qualified and have significant experience and specialisms.

The CLD Trust has also continued to work throughout the Covid-19 Pandemic, in a time when mental health services are needed more than ever. Their counselling therapy provides an opportunity for young people to talk to a qualified and trained professional in a confidential and safe setting about things that are worrying them.

Even before Covid, they had around 1500 young people being referred to them for support, and that was just from health professionals and through their school contracts. The CLD Trust want to be better able to support community organisations to find mental health support for these young people at an early stage before their difficulties become embedded. During the pandemic, they saw an increase of very complex cases coming to them, often from young people in Hereford City, with a marked rise in self-harm, domestic violence and substance misuse during the lockdowns.

We hope that with this grant of £3,000, the CLD Trust can continue to provide their incredible services, getting our young people back on track in their lives and giving them a place to talk, express and overcome their challenges.

For more information on the CLD Trust, visit:

£1,498 Awarded to Hereford Bowling Club

Hereford City Council awarded a grant of £1,498 to Hereford Bowling Club, which will go towards refurbishment, equipment and marketing for their organisation.

Hereford Bowling Club is a historic club which dates back as far as 1484, and gives members a place to practice and play the game of bowls. The Club has a long and varied history which spans centuries, with its present members proud to continue the tradition.

Though located in the centre of Hereford City, the Bowling Green is a hidden gem of tranquillity, offering members a scenic and entertaining escape. Bowls can be a competitive and casual sport, and has the valuable quality of being accessible for anyone to join in and play.

The grant will primarily go towards Hereford Bowling Club market towards encouraging younger people to play, as the sport currently has many older members. We hope that this helps maintain the Club and ensuring its future as a significant asset to our City.

For more information on Hereford Bowling Club, visit:

£2,827.98 Awarded to Herefordshire Wildlife Trust

Hereford City Council awarded a grant of £2,827.98 to Herefordshire Wildlife Trust, which will go towards their Yazor Brooks Restoration Project.

Herefordshire Wildlife Trust is part of The Wildlife Trust movement. Herefordshire Wildlife Trust, along with each of the other 45 Wildlife Trusts, is an independent, autonomous charity with its own Trustees. Their vision is for a Herefordshire richer and more diverse in wildlife, bringing its people closer to nature.

To that end, they manage 55 Nature Reserves (around 530 hectares of land reserved for wildlife!), run projects within landscapes across the county restoring habitats and protecting wildlife species, work with children and young people in communities and schools engaging, inspiring and educating them about wildlife, and run events and workshops for adults and provide professional training for volunteers and trainees.

Having recently carried out extensive clearance of trees and shrubs along many sections of the Yazor, Widemarsh and Eign Brooks, the grant will help Herefordshire Wildlife Trust fund brush cutters and operator training that will enable them to cut back regrowth – at the appropriate times of year – and maintain light levels to support biodiversity. It will also allow the general public to have a clearer view of the Brooks and their wildlife.

We’re excited to see the work that Herefordshire Wildlife Trust have done to give the general public back a historic and scenic area of Hereford, giving us all a greener and wildlife-friendly City. Maintaining these areas is vital to keep our City presentable and ecologically sustainable.

For more information on Herefordshire Wildlife Trust, visit:

£2,000 Awarded to the Royal British Legion Centenary & Battle of Britain Committee

Hereford City Council awarded a grant of £2,000 to the Royal British Centenary & Battle of Britain Committee, which will go towards the RBL Centenary & Battle of Britain Service.

The aim of the Royal British Legion is to administer and support the delivery of welfare services to our serving and ex serving members of the Armed Forces and their dependants throughout the County of Herefordshire. They offer financial aid in an urgent crisis, help homeless ex-Service people get back on their feet, advise on compensation claims, offer careers advice for those looking to make a fresh start after leaving the Forces, arrange home or hospital visits and much more.

The Royal British Legion are heavily involved in projects such as Remembrance Day, Legion 100, and the upcoming planned combined Battle of Britain and County RBL Centenary Service, which will be held on Sunday 12th September 2021. This grant will help towards the publicity of this commemorative public event.

The goal of this service is to ensure that the one hundredth anniversary of the formation of the Royal British Legion is proudly marked in Hereford and the wider county in the most appropriate and fitting manner. Nationally the RBL is holding many events to commemorate and celebrate the centenary in a memorable way. Whilst there will be many smaller branch events taking place throughout the year, this Cathedral service, parade and reception will help provide a suitable and memorable event for the local community.

We hope this important event recognises the past and current achievements of the RBL and inspires our community, especially our veterans and young people. It is vital we acknowledge and remember the sacrifices made by those who serve, and ensure the occasion is commemorated in history in Hereford for years to come.

For more information on the Royal British Legion, visit:

£3,000 Awarded to the Royal National College for the Blind

Hereford City Council awarded a grant of £3,000 to the Royal National College for the Blind, which will go towards funding new lawnmowing equipment.

The Royal National College for the Blind is honoured to be the UK’s leading specialist residential college of further education for people with a visual impairment. Since 1872, they have been offering a variety of products and services to a diverse audience. It’s not all about education for the 80 or so students who come through their doors each year. They also offer specialist training and support to businesses, universities and other education providers, and specialist professionals working with visually impaired people.

The College is proud of its history of over 140 years and the pioneering work it continues to do, including sports, lobbying, work based learning and independent living skills. Partnerships with key organisations, businesses and individuals enables students to participate in a range of activities from Duke of Edinburgh Awards to national elite sports events.

The grant will go towards lawnmowing equipment, which will help the College maintain their grounds for the benefit of RNC students and guide dogs. The grounds have multiple uses; for example, they are used by members of the public participating in thePoint4 BootCamps. These 2 or 3 week programmes of training sessions are held outside, involve a range of activities and are open for everyone.

The RNC facility is used by RNC students, local schools, and a range of community groups. Casual or social football and walking football groups take place frequently, and from September (Covid guidance permitting) bookings will be allocated to local football clubs unable to train on grass pitches. The grounds are used by all ages and abilities (from junior Futsal to walking football). RNC also hosts the National Blind Football League fixtures, usually monthly for 6 months of the year.

By being able to maintain these amazing assets to our City, so much can provided to so many. We’re pleased to see the brilliant work RNC carry out for our communities and how much they offer to our residents, and hope that with the new lawnmowing equipment people can continue using the grounds.

For more information on the Royal National College for the Blind, visit:

£3,000 Awarded to Rotherwas Together Community Group

Hereford City Council awarded a grant of £3,000 to the Rotherwas Together Community Group, which will go towards the ‘Life of a Rotherwas Munitions Worker’ project.

Rotherwas Together was formed in March 2018 at Rotherwas. The group aims to bring together the many groups and individuals who are interested in the site’s history, present use and future. They are a not-for-profit, non-political group and all of their trustees are volunteers.

The group’s constitution is: “To bring together all those interested in the past, present and future of Rotherwas. To support projects that will promote a wider understanding of the Rotherwas area and its legacy.” So many people and groups have written, researched and promoted the history of Rotherwas and shouted loudly that a place which has played such a unique part in British history should be commemorated and the people who worked and lived there should be remembered.

Their new project will help people find out more about ROF Rotherwas and the life of the munitions workers. The projects will be delivered in workshop form and also online to allow people to access them in the way that suits them best. They also hope to be able to take the projects into schools, community groups and care homes once restrictions allow.

The project will involve multiple disciplines, including Wikipedia workshops, allowing people to update the online pages of Wikipedia with details about their memories or the memories of their family members who worked at Rotherwas. There will also be dressmaking workshops, creating a pattern of the ROF Rotherwas uniform and running workshops to make life-sized outfits, dolls, toy outfits etc. These will also be displayed at Hereford Archive and Records Service and other heritage buildings. Finally, the group will also include ‘Blackout Poetry’, learning more about life at ROF Rotherwas through letters and documents.

We’re honoured to be a part of this applaudable project, which we hope will shine a light on this important part of history. Rotherwas Together Community Group’s continued work to highlight a piece our City’s storied history is something we can all be proud of.

For more information on Rotherwas Together Community Group, visit:

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