Get training with South Wye Police Boxing Academy

Two City Council staff stepped into the ring at Hinton Community Centre to take part in boxing training with Vince McNally!

South Wye Police Boxing Academy operate and organise boxing for all ages and abilities, giving the local community an amazing resource for a friendly, competitive and casual experience in the sport. The Centre also boasts a first-class gym, with a weight training area, sparring drill area, and more!

Many people come to the club just to keep fit and make new friends and never box competitively. There is, however, a thriving boxing squad which has frequently travelled to other clubs and entered National competitions.

The club helps adults and kids alike get into boxing, let off steam, and meet new people, which contributes to both the City’s overall mental and physical health. We would recommend anyone try it out for themselves, as our staff members had an amazing time testing their abilities!

The Covid-19 pandemic hit the club hard, by not being able to meet up, practise or socialise throughout the lockdowns. With so many members depending on this service as a fun and productive outlet in their lives, many were sad to see the doors closed. However, now that lockdowns have eased the club is back open, with all measures being taken to secure the safety of members and encourage them to get back into the training.

South Wye Police Boxing Academy has arranged boxing shows on an annual basis with the proceeds from the shows in previous years benefiting charities such as Combat Stress, Riding for the Disabled, Firefighters Charity, ELY, Little Princess Trust and St Francis Xavier Church. They are a not-for-profit organisation and aim to improve the lives of young people and adults living in Hereford.

Hereford City Council actively support Hinton Community Centre. We’re proud to see the incredible work they do to make our city a better place for everyone, and hope that throughout the Covid-19 pandemic and beyond they can continue delivering their essential services to our community.

If you’re interested in training or want to know more, visit their website at:

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