Help Craft 2020 Clay Mosiac Memory Tiles!

The Big Skill are capturing our community’s memories of lockdown, as part of the Remember and Rebuild Sculpture at Saxon Hall, which will be surrounded by a 2 metre spiral of 2020 kiln-fired Clay Mosiac Memory Tiles, handcrafted by residents of Hereford.

Bringing together hand-made messages of kindness and warmth from all around the city, that capture our community’s memories of lockdown. Working with Clay is direct and easy, so anyone of any age can join in.

Crafting your Memory Tiles

If you live in or near to Hereford, the Big Skill can post you a free Clay Mosaic Memory Tile kit, so that you can make your tiles while staying safe at home.

This Crafts@Home Kit contains enough Stoneware Clay for you to make one 20cm tile, or up to 6 smaller tiles, a worksheet and tutorial video with tips on making your tiles, plus a post-paid return mailing bag, for you to return finished tiles to The Big Skill for firing.

Everyone who wants to can be part of the Remember and Rebuild sculpture project. If your family is living away from Hereford, then they may wish to Sponsor a tile, or make their tiles in air drying clay, then share photos with The Big Skill over social media.

To find out more about the Remember and Rebuild sculpture at Saxon Hall in Hereford, Order a free Clay Kit, or download a Mosaic Memory Tiles worksheet;

Visit the Big Skill Clay Sculpture webpage:

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