How our grants help: Royal National College for the Blind

In July 2021, we agreed a grant of £3,000 be awarded to the Royal National College for the Blind to help fund lawnmowing equipment for maintaining their much-used grounds.

We recently caught up with them to see how the funding is being put to use and how the grant has benefitted visitors and residents.

Jane Jones, Fundraising Officer for the RNC, said; Your grant enabled us to proceed with the purchase of a fantastic lawn mower which will serve the College and the community for some considerable time. The ex-demo was a “one-off” purchase and on hold for us at a local dealer, until such time as finance allowed us to finally go ahead. It was important to us to purchase locally, not least because of ease of access to servicing and spares.

We have always taken great pride in maintaining the College grounds. As far as possible we strive to keep as much of the estate as environmentally friendly as we can, with large grassed areas and orcharding. We are currently fundraising to develop a sensory garden, as we value the impact and benefit which the natural environment offers. Your grant has enabled us to continue this upkeep, not just for the college students, but for the many visitors who use our facilities and the local community who overlook or pass by our property.”

We’re so pleased that the purchase of the lawnmower has assisted the RNC, ensuring the grassed areas of the campus remain tidy and well-kept. Many members of the community, as well as RNC staff, enjoy the grounds on a regular basis. It’s a fantastic environment and we’re proud to be able to support the RNC in their nationally recognised services.

The grounds have multiple uses and are used by RNC students, local schools, and a range of community groups. Casual or social football and walking football groups take place frequently. The campus is used by all ages and abilities and the RNC also hosts the National Blind Football League fixtures, usually monthly for 6 months of the year.

For more information on the RNC, visit here.

To read more about our grant awards, as well as how you could apply, visit here.

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