National Grief Awareness Week

This week is National Grief Awareness Week, and Hereford Town Hall will be fully illuminated on 8th December to mark this important occasion.
Working with Phoenix Bereavement Support Services, one of Mayor of Hereford Kath Hey’s Mayoral Charities, we are hoping to spread understanding of what this national week is all about; normalising grief and giving people a platform to speak up about their experiences.
Offering support to someone with grief in their life can be a massive help, as many who experience loss do not always have someone to turn to. Many suffer in silence, so it is important to speak up and ensure the taboo on speaking about these issues is broken. No one should feel they cannot talk about something so impactful on their lives.
The hashtag #ShareYourStory, created by National Grief Awareness Week, highlights the push to allow people to talk about their loss if they so wish, in a supportive environment and without judgement.
Phoenix Bereavement Support Services offer aid to children and young people in Hereford who have lost someone close to them. This charity can be a lifeline for those in our County who have or are experiencing grief, and this is one of the reasons Mayor of Hereford Kath Hey chose it as one her two Mayoral Charities.
For more information on Phoenix Bereavement Support Services, visit:
You can find more information on the campaign at:
Remember to share your stories using the hashtag #ShareYourStory.

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