Where to sign a Book of Condolence for the Queen in Hereford

Books of Condolence are books in which people may record their condolences for the royal family following the death of Queen Elizabeth II. There are numerous venues around Hereford in which the Books of Condolence will be open to the public, where you can visit to write your own message.

Here are the places where you can find the Books of Condolence in Hereford:

  • Hereford Town Hall, St Owen’s Street: open 9am-6pm Mon-Sun
  • Hereford Cathedral: open 8am-6pm Mon-Sun
  • The Courtyard, Hereford: open 10am-close Mon-Sat
  • Holy Trinity Church, Whitecross Road: open 2pm-6pm Mon-Sun
  • St Paul’s Church, Tupsley: open 9am-5.30pm Mon-Sun

Please note that these times only apply to the official mourning period, and do not reflect normal opening times for these venues. A selection of messages will be passed on to the royal family, and some messages may be held in the royal archives for posterity.

You can also write a message of condolence online at: www.royal.uk/send-message-condolence

God save the Queen.

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