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Hereford City Council is the Parish Council for the City of Hereford. Whilst we don’t have the responsibility for delivering large & complex services like schools, hospitals & highways to its residents, we play an important role in influencing others & acting as the voice of the people who live here.

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Introducing your Mayor

Paul Stevens

I was born in Hereford and lived South of the River Wye with my parents in Putson, where my mother still lives. I attended St Martins Primary School, and then secondary education at Haywood High School where I represented the County in Rugby, Basketball and Athletics. I held school records at the 100m and Long Jump. While at school I was also ballboy at Edgar Street where I had met Brian Clough and Lawrie McMenamy as Hereford United were competing in the then second Division now Championship. I continued my education at Hereford Technical College where I studied Retail and Distribution. Jobs were hard to find in the early 80s and after a couple of seasons hop picking at Pomona Farm in Bartestree and temporary work at Sun Valley I found my way into laboratory work with Northern Dairies, Scott & Newman grain store and Sun Valley feed mill.

In 1986 I finally got a job in my true passion; a record shop I had grown up with through school and college with punk, new wave ska/two tone and new romantics going to gigs at the Rotters Club in the Market Tavern, Winter Gardens in Malvern and Birmingham Odeon. So in the Autumn of ’86 I started work as a Sales Assistant in Music Market in High Town which soon became Our Price Records. Within 18 months I had received two promotions and was running my own branch in the High Street in Worcester.

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Your City of Hereford

Your City

Our duty
The City of Hereford is a vibrant & historic city. Hereford City Council holds certain responsibilities in maintaining Hereford’s culture, reputation & services.

Your Ward Area

Your representatives
Hereford City is divided into 16 ward areas. Here you will find your local ward. If you live outside of Hereford City you may wish to visit your local parish council’s website.

City History

And its future
Hereford’s place in the history books was assured over 1,000 years ago & many chapters have since been added. Not all this history is to be found in books however!
Working for our city

We play an important role in influencing others & acting as the voice of the people who live here

Please note that the bypass, traffic management issue & parking are matters for Herefordshire Council. As the Parish Council for the City of Hereford we are trying to do something positive for residents & the many visitors who come to the City.
More About Our Responsibilities
Working for our city

Our Vision

Who We Are

Hereford City Council is a Parish Council covering the City of Hereford, which is divided into 16 ward areas with a ward Councillor representing each area, with two wards having two Councillors, giving a total of 18.

Council Services

As a parish council, Hereford City Council only provides a small number of direct services to the public space.


The CITY OF HEREFORD TWINNING ASSOCIATION (HTA) was constituted in 1987 with the aim of promoting international friendship and understanding and of fostering the mutual exchanges at all levels between the peoples of the twinned towns. Each year the MAYOR OF HEREFORD is invited to be President of the Association.

Community Led Plan & Objectives

Working towards being a more active City Council, bringing a clearer voice to the city and providing strong community leadership is important.

Community Grants Scheme

Hereford City Council has a limited budget to make discretionary community grants, from £50 up to a maximum of £3,000, to local community organisations, charities, clubs, societies and groups based in the Parish of Hereford City in any one financial year.

Community Group Achievement Awards

The awards are not just about groups Hereford City Council has awarded funding to, it’s about all the community and volunteer groups within the City of Hereford, who deliver projects and events to improve the lives of others and the environment within the City of Hereford.

Who We Are
Council Services
Community Led Plan & Objectives
Community Grants Scheme
Community Group Achievement Awards
Hereford City Council

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The Mayor opens & attends some fun occasions in the city including the Christmas Lights Switch-on, the opening of the Mayfair & the very popular Historic Hereford Day which takes place in July

Your parish council for the city of Hereford

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