Full Council is the highest level of decision-making within the council and by law is the only body that can elect the council Chairman, set the annual budget and approve the accounts. It is the only group that can set up committees, decide on the powers and roles of each committee and who sits on them. It also appoints members of the council to represent it on outside bodies.

Major decisions can be referred to council by committees or the council itself can vote to withold a decision from a committee and take it to a Full Council meeting instead. For instance, because of the major implications for the whole city, it was Full Council and not the Planning Committee that looked at the main planning application for the Edgar Street Grid. The committee then responded, within the broad principles council had set, to the more detailed applications.

Meetings take place every six weeks and are of a formal nature with the Mayor, Town Clerk and Councillors robing for the occasion. There are very often presentations included in the meetings from outside bodies such as Visit Herefordshire, the local Police, Herefordshire Housing and others when their work affects our citizen.

Members of the public are welcome to attend council meetings and ask questions. If you do have a question to ask, it is helpful to let the Town Clerk know in advance so we are able to answer your question fully.

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