Chief Stewards

Twinned with Dillenburg in Germany & Vierzon in France

Chief Stewards of the City of Hereford (Click to Expand)
William Earl of Pembroke 1620
John Lord Viscount Scudamore 1631
Henry Duke of Beaufort 1672
Robert Harley, knight, of Brampton Brian, deputy during the Commonwealth
Major-General Harrison
John Lord Viscount Scudamore
Henry Marquis of Worcester 1682
Thomas Lord Coningsby 1695
Henry Duke of Beaufort 1729
Edward third Earl of Oxford and Mortimer 1744
Edward fourth Earl of Oxford and Mortimer 1755
Charles Howard, Duke of Norfolk 1790
John Earl Somers 1816
Thomas Andrew Knight 1836
Edward Bolton Clive, M.P. 1838
Sir Robert Price, Bart., M.P. 1845
Sir George Cornwall Lewis, Bart.,M.P. 1859
Rev.Archer Clive 1863
Sir James Rankin 1878
Sir John Arkwright 1915
William Ainslie,M.C.,F.R.C.S.(ed),M.D.(Aberd),M.B.,Ch.B. 1952
Guy Frederick Chambers, J.P. 1959
Henry Howard Bulmer 1963
Thomas Reginald Stephens 1974
F.C.Morgan,M.A.,F.S.A.,F.L.A. 1975
The Hon.Sir Gordon Slynn 1978
Peter, The Lord Temple-Morris 2009
Robert Rogers, Baron Lisvane 2016


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