Royal Visitors

Royal Vistors to Hereford (Click to Expand)
1891 Duke & Duchess of Teck and Princess May (Queen Mary) visited the Three Choirs Festival
1902 Princess Henry of Battenberg laid the Town Hall Foundation Stone
1911 Prince Henry of Prussia
1926 H.R.H. Prince of Wales (King Edward Vlll)
1927 H.R.H. Princess Helena Victoria
1934 June T.R.H. The Duke & Duchess of York (King George Vl and Queen Elizabeth) visited the Three Counties Show
1937 July H.M. Queen Mary unveiled the memorial stones at King George’s Playing Fields and Bishop’s Meadow and laid the foundation stone at the County Council Hospital extension.
1941 Oct. H.M. King George Vl to inspect troops quartered in and around the City
1943 Dec.H.R.H. The Princess Royal to inspect the A.T.S.
1954 18th July H.R.H. The Duchess of Kent on her way to Brecon
1957 24th April H.M.Queen Elizabeth ll and H.R.H. The Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.
1958 12th Nov. H.R.H. The Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, visited H.P.Bulmer & Company Ltd.
1959 29th May H.R.H. Princess Alexandra of Kent, Youth ally
1960 23rd June H.M. Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother – 25th Anniversary Celebrations Hereford Bluecoat School.
1976 15th April H.M. Queen Elizabeth ll and H.R.H. The Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh – Distribution of Royal Maundy.
1979 5th July H.R.H. Prince of Wales visited Royal National College for the Blind.
1980 23rd May H.R.H. Princess Margaret visited Coningsby Hospital.
1982 16th July H.R.H. Princess Margaret visited Town Hall and St. Barnabas Church.
1984 18th May H.R.H. Princess Anne visited St Thomas Cantilupe School.
1985 9th April T.R.H. The Prince & Princess of Wales Inauguration of Cathedral Appeal.
1985 10th May H.R.H. Princess Alexandra, the Hon. Mrs Angus Ogilvy, opened Lindsey Price Almshouses.

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