As a parish council, it is not within Hereford City Council’s powers to make planning decisions and grant planning permissions. The planning authority for Hereford and the surrounding county is Herefordshire Council.

It is, however, one of the City Council’s roles and responsibilities to give views, on behalf of our community, on planning applications and other proposals that affect the parish. It is a good practice which is carried out by the local planning authority to consult parish councils with regards to planning applications in their area and this way Hereford City Council is being consulted and asked for its views.

The Planning Committee of Hereford City Council meets every three weeks (with few exceptions during summer holidays) to discuss recently received planning applications and to submit their comments. Members of the committee consider the opinions of local communities and local residents when making their decision.

Planning Committee meetings are public and you are always welcome to be present as an observer. If you are interested in attending our Planning Committee meetings you may find all the information required on this website – Calendar of meetings, Public Notices and Agenda (which is published at least three clear days before the date of the meeting, usually one week prior). You can also view Minutes of the previous meetings as well as comments made by the council with regards to past planning applications.

Public Notice of meetings is also being displayed on Hereford City Council’s notice board outside the Town Hall, Hereford.

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