5 of our favourite sculptures around Hereford


Hereford is full of incredible sights and scenery. From the grand architecture of our ancient Cathedral to the pleasant calmness of Castle Green, Hereford is a City bursting with places to go and things to see. It’s also home to a number of unique and special sculptures, peppered throughout the City in various locations.

Whether you’re visiting Hereford or have been a local for years, here’s just a few of our favourites which we think everyone should take the time to see!

A Fish Eye’s View

Situated just over the picturesque Victoria Bridge, this sculpture might seem an odd design at first – until you get underneath it! The creator, Chris Brammall, intended for viewers to look upwards and imagine what a fish might see as it swims beneath a rainy sky in the River Wye; a unique perspective for sure.


Sir Edward Elgar

The iconic composer takes in the view of Cathedral – a spectacular sight in itself – as he leans on his bicycle “Mr Phoebus”. Created by Jemma Pearson, this speculative rendition is located at the perfect place for those who want to rest and enjoy Cathedral Green together with one of Hereford’s most well-known of celebrities.


The Hereford Bull

No list of Hereford’s sculptures would be complete without this staple of Hereford High Town! Brian Alabaster’s one-to-one scale statue of the resplendent Hereford Bull is truly a sight to behold, giving onlookers a chance to capture the sheer size and power behind Hereford’s namesake farmyard animal.


Jesus Christ the Apple Tree

It’s easy to miss this huge stone mosaic on the courtyard outside of the Cathedral’s western door. But take a step back and it’s plain to see the simple elegance of this natural stone depiction of a classic Herefordian apple tree. Made by Canon Sandy Elliot, this wonderful addition only compliments the stoic grandeur of Hereford Cathedral.


Nelson’s Column

Standing stark in the middle of Castle Green, Nelson’s Column is a beautiful sight to take in. Erected back in 1809, the Column has certainly weathered the ages, yet the passage of time has only added to its charm. Its sheer height is only more breath-taking in contrast to the flat scenery of Castle Green, making it the perfect sculpture to admire while taking a stroll or having a picnic.


These are just a few of our favourites, but Hereford is full of plenty more sculptures and artworks to take a look at. You might want to check out the Hereford Sculpture Trail for more!

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