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Seagulls are a continuing nuisance and depend for their survival on a supply of food and somewhere to nest.  You can help by not leaving food or food wrappers on the streets, in parks or on benches, but by bagging items and putting them into street bins.  Our bins have tops on to stop seagulls getting in and pulling food out, so if you use them this will help.

Wild birds are protected by law and we cannot poison or shoot seagulls.  Unlike other wild birds though we can remove nests and eggs, but not live chicks.  The Council pays for a contractor to visit known sites and remove the nests and over the years we have stopped the growth in the gull population and it is now in fact slowly declining.  We work with Herefordshire Council who provide the technical supervision by one of their Environmental Health Officers and deal with complaints and reports about gulls via their general switchboard telephone 01432 260000.  This is very useful as it means the City Council can focus its resources on the actual cost of removing the nests and keeping the population down.

If you are aware of seagulls nesting and you would be willing to give our contractor access to your premises to deal with them please ring Herefordshire Council on 01432 260000 and give them the details.

A large group of seagulls

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