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Community Led Plan

Welcome to the Hereford City Community Led Plan
An ambitious project which found out what the residents of Hereford feel about living in the city and what Hereford City Council can do to make living here even better.

Local people were involved from the very beginning in setting out the issues they wanted to discuss. We focussed on local neighbourhoods, looking at the important issues and ideas that can really improve the lives of people in the areas where they live.

Hereford City Council is a parish council and, whilst it does not have the responsibility for delivering large and complex services like schools, hospitals and highways to its residents, it plays an important role in influencing others and acting as the voice of the people who live here.

Working towards being a more active City Council, bringing a clearer voice to the city and providing strong community leadership is important. In times such as this, when money and time are both in short supply, it is even more important to make sure that the City Council clearly knows what the priorities are for people who live in the city, so that it can use its own resources effectively, deliver clear messages and influence and encourage those who provide local services. This plan helps us to do that.

The plan is a snap shot of how people feel about where they live, what they like and what needs to change. It has also highlighted what people love about Hereford and their local area and how willing they are to get involved in improving their neighbourhood. There are wonderful examples of communities really making a difference to their local area. This plan is just the beginning of making changes happen. As time moves on it has proven to be the springboard for making Hereford a City where everyone can get involved in shaping its future and making it a place of which everyone can feel proud.


Towards being a more active City Council


A clearer voice to & for the city


Strong community leadership

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